Sunday, February 10, 2008


1. Consciousness is the briefing (the need of art forever) – the urgency of a polytonal immersion in the waters of a non-totalitarian «absolute».

2. Knowledge is random/organized linking. Is licking the soup of chaos and emptiness, and playing the game of order and disorder.

3. Ideas are sensuousness. Ideas stand beautifully in the place of delayed (or deleted) beauty. They are the anxiety of beauty.

4. Time is the living target, surrounded by incarnated axioms. Time is the father of obsolescence and the giver of memory.

5. Sex is the hot seat of knowledge. To know is to establish erotic relations between the knower and things. Knowledge is essentially polygamic.

6. Emergence is ecstasy. Emergence is modernity, futuristic or primitivist novelty thundering. Emergence is the pandemonium of plurality.

7. Art makes you tremble secretly forever. The secrecy of temblor masks all the attempts to definitive meaning.

8. The Universe is a set of footnotes to some obscure art piece. Art works are incarnated footnotes to the way the Universe plays within and without itself.

9. Art enjoys different kind of software’s. Art is not the marketplace of anger or narcissist games of dematerialization.

10. Waking art looks conceptual (or abstract). It is the art that walks the path of explanation and the skills of meditative experience.

11. Dreaming art attempts to represent something and forge powerful narratives that present the glory, or, if you prefer, the Doxa.

12. Unconscious art is merely formal or informal. It is drunkenness and violence liberated or contained.

13. Art changes – the rule is: why not? Art changes because everything changes – Hope and Adventure are the horses of openness.

14. Art without astonishment or bliss is bluff. Be prepared to participate, critically and ecstatically in the superabundance of art.

15. The power/weakness of enthousiasm is the ornament of the next absence.

16. Body is intoxication – everything is toxic. Everything is the body. Our body is more than a temple – a interested tribute to the divine –, our body is a palace, a beauty you can share with other creatures.

17. Living is the collective form of art. Lying is the standard form of communication.

18. Emptiness generates museums. Museums are quite empty, but their stores are crowded. Museums in the minimalist age are the mirrors of acclimatized death.

19. Sets of structures generate artistic axioms. Artistic axioms are the perfume that gives an aphrodisiac scent to art works.

20. Awareness energizes – energy is sexy. Beware! Energy is the primal ready-made.

21. Gods are drug addicted – that’s the cause of our existence. If you situate art in the field of existence («art as existence») you are entering in the frolic job of addiction. And addiction is where gods are more powerful, not you!

22. What art brings to a place, the rest of nature displaces. Displacement is environmental unconsciousness. Displacement is part of the ecology of placement.

23. Space-type is a sexual lake – art explains it better. Explainism becomes the best art around.

24. Mind is a monkey - a naked monkey: nakedness and gestures.

25. Mind is a monkey business - a pornoecological business.

26. Effort leads to sweating. Non-effort leads to grace. Non-effort comes after you have mastered your efforts.

27. Words don’t have secrets or substance. Words, like every other thing, are moments of general metamorphosis. What is metamorphic cannot have a stable essence.

28. The emergence of novelty is the womb of history. History is the seed of emergence of novelty.

29. If you really have seen it, therefore you’re the god of art. Every living creature is an art goddess.

30. Guru is the guy that explains explainism. What the guru does is done specifically, not abstractly like a doctrine. An explanation for one sometimes is not adequate to another.

31. Arrows do consciousness better. Consciousness is the management of the inter-changeability of the forces disposed in the war between you and the machine called reality.

32. Art is mind’s body playing oblation to itself and the strong energy of nature inside the art.

33. The art market feeds artists stomachs. The art system doesn’t supplies a nice return to what artists give. The generosity of art is distorted by economic explotation and absurd criticism – this is the equivocal.

34. The extinction of art is good for the museums – a museum is the legitimating of extinction. Museums are the first step in the death of authorship. In museums forgery is sanctified.

35. The monkey is the self. The self is the parody of the absolute. Mind is the parody of pseudo-Being. Uniqueness is the attraction to globalization and its repulsive reaction.

36. The self makes sense. The self is sensuous.

37. The senses make selves. Irony is the self self-conscientious of its limits.

38. Knowing is branding. Knowing is networking in the jungle of preferences and influences that personalise a self.

39. Artists are brands. That’s the fakeness of art. An artist playing just one role is like a whore doing sex always the same way.

40. Art is sensing knowledge. Philosophy cheats because it is not physical enough.

41. Time changes illusions and delusions into illusions and delusions. Illusions go to the laundry, but dirtiness remains.

42. In the end the body is endless transformation. So is art. So are you. Like the body or the art you are not a thing that stays the same forever.

43. Dissolution in reproduction smells like victory. Reproduction is the returning of memory in the non-metamorphic.

44. Politics of power are the hope to fit in a museum forever. Politics of power are preludes to generalised rape.

45. The spontaneity of the viewer arises more and more where art works are. Did you notice that art works are everywhere?

46. Authorship is the perfect role for the lonely self. Heteronomy is the perfect role to the expansive selves.

47. The stage of art doesn’t recognize the players. The players don’t recognize themselves.

48. Spectators are postponed authors. Spectators are afraid of being inside the filthy experience of creativity that gives access to bliss.

49. Intelligence gives us extra-powers and makes purity irrelevant. Be clever, but admit in public that you remain stupid.

50. Creativity is art at last. Creativity is not in the viewer, even if he can invent strange tales about some objects.

51. Here or there, my dear, is better than somewhere. Be mostly in yourself!

52. Different positions do it better. Different points a view are like a massage to the economy of brain.

53. Pay attention to simple forms. They shall return and return – although I do hope they’ll return again.

54. Be friend of complex processes. Be the performer of the unpredictable.

55. The world is the last fashion of nature. The «world» is the last media reorganizing older information into newer news.

56. The deadline is wrong because artists are lazy. Laziness is the most productive & rich part of the art work.

57. Good breathing gives better critics. Eat well. Wash your teeth. Breathe completely. Be full and empty.

58. We become more and more like ourselves. We become more and more with more than we were supposed to be.

59. Conversation is the commerce of powerless mantras. Sometimes powerless attitudes are the best strategy.

60. We stay and go. Things are passing by. Let’s take a walk. The walk walk’s you.

61. Our universe is the freedom of having great rules. Our role is of being incarnated wit. Having different and contradictory rules develops heteronomy.

62. Pain and pleasure are puns. Their performance can be bitter or sweeter.

63. Play fictions. Become free. Share your creativity. Be responsible. Be critic. Be creative. Be more than the next fashion.

64. Every link is an extra bonus. Tilt!

65. Again and again, art – lost in awareness…


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