Saturday, February 09, 2008

THE ENDLESS MANIFESTOS (patchwork in congress)

You think that I am neither a learned artist neither a punk Philosopher
but I am trying to keep the whole of what’s going on in the excitement of my writing.

Of course. Isn't that so? You doubt!
I have multiplied distinct versions of trying to have principles, and I am becoming the Becoming in the meantime..

Rapacity is the main force of globalization, would say old Ez – language is more the place of the poetic digestion of consciousness then the marketplace of appropriate names to the things. Terminology is the desire of exactitude. Terminology is a failure – but we need it!
I hesitate to talk of what I don't understand completely, I feel an adventurous embarrassment, but talking is my desire of the next revolution within me and the world that is near.

Authorship is the dirty version of the interface of plurality of the subject (what we call ourselves) and the games language can play. If you get rid of authorship you get rid of language and the life and memory within.

Economy is in perpetual state of war – trying to make of us future slaves of debt.

The modern artist must live by complexity and flexibility. His gods are ironic gods. Those artists, so called, whose work does not share this tricky strife, are uninteresting.

Pop-abstraction and conceptual luxury are the lousy dogs of the post-modern class of rhetoricians.
Post-structuralism has generated a scholastic that has canalized the original liberating forces to a kind political correct neo-fascism.
Art never refuses – art is the non-refusal, but sometimes plays the sublime role of dark refusal.
«A great age of literature is perhaps always a great age of translations» (Pound) – literature is translation emancipated from what was supposed to be translated. It is the babelisation of older themes.


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